Small Living Big

2020 / Interior

Yasser Ellouzi

Project 1

Small Living Big

How can interior components add and subtract volume through technology and flexibility in a compact domestic space?

Ireland in the last twenty-five years has seen a hectic set of changes in terms of the housing sector and market, especially in Dublin. This includes the rate of completed housing units each year, design and construction waste management, and the amount of natural resources used. Therefore, this project presents a flexible interior design that can be a solution to overcrowding and housing issues in big cities, through redesigning a tiny apartment that contains pull-out wall units and fold-out interior components. Most importantly, the design delivers expandable and pop-out windows that create extra space in the apartment.

The compact apartment can be reconfigured according to the needs of residents, as it contains an open plan with flexible walls that can transform different subspaces to multifunctional areas, a pull-out wall unit that can create an additional room in the apartment, and lightweight furniture that can be stored according to the functionality of each area.

Flexible interior components

Multiple components were redesigned to transform an area according to multiple scenarios, such as a sliding wall that create a storage area in the kitchen, lightweight stools that can fold and be stored, a foldable shelf that can be transformed into a painting in the living room and two foldable sofas in the living room to add seatings in the open plan.

Kitchen wall design

Expandable openings

The open plan can be transformed to a living room, a kitchen, a dining area, and a room that could be used as a single bedroom or an office, with two pop-out windows in the kitchen and in the living room, as well as an expandable balcony located in the bedroom. these flexible windows are designed in conjunction with the position of movable walls to expand the area of each subspace in the apartment.

Small living big is an interior design project that gathers different concepts, mechanisms, and technologies for lightweight and adjustable interior components in a tiny apartment. The compact domestic space can be adaptable according to multiple scenarios and uses through the extension of its area and flexibility of its components.


Flexuous Forms

Manvi Pande /

2021 / Interior