Intergenerational engagement space

2020 / Interior

Swathi Gangadhar

Project 1

Intergenerational engagement space

Bridging the age-segregated contemporary void between the society's young and old

Bringing together two different generations for mutual learning, communication, fun, and play collaborations have shown to be beneficial in enhancing a community. My thesis project explores this phenomenon that has been on the rise in recent times and examines further development in the organization of such engagements without the hindrance caused by the usage of permanent structures.

"Somehow we have to get older people back close to growing children if we are to restore a sense of community, a knowledge of the past ,and a sense of the future." - Margaret Mead


Multiple factors have contributed towards segregation; not all the public spaces cater to all age groups. Elders mentoring and tutoring children has declined tremendously over the years wherein both the generations view each other as rivals with lessened empathy. Ignorance from the community and not valuing equal inputs has further led to this social isolation.

Awakening forgotten spaces

As space regeneration, these interactions can be highly beneficial. Increased usage of parks, educational environments, residential settings and public spaces leads to a healthy learning and development of the surrounding communities. Developing, activating and nurturing the pockets of hidden history and knowledge drives these intergenerational programs.

An intergenerational collaboration set up within the premises of the National Museum of Ireland I Decorative Arts & History

Learning history in a renewed direction from the words of an elderly participant who might have had the first-hand experience. Knowledge transfer becomes enjoyable when it's given a background rich with antiquities of the past with words from a relatable guide.

Multiple zones to aid with learning or story-telling that way forceful interactions are diminished and freedom to choose comes into play leading to the longevity of the program.

A comprehensive amalgamation

Each unit is designed to be used for multiple activities and doesn't restrict itself to a notion of play or learning. The baseboard representing a pegboard impression is easily detachable to individual squares, this idea is retained by a vertical unit holding multiple pegs to support any activity or games that have been decided. The corresponding units maintain this ideology with different mechanisms of usage. The fundamental unit is the curved fabric wall with an option to project videos and images. Story-telling or conversing through experiences are of vital importance to break the ice between the participants.

Feasible Outcomes

Collaborations can be planned ahead of time keeping in mind the participants.It has been consistently seen they enjoy the activities together with varied interests, ranging from arts, crafts, gardening, food festival,film/documentary screening, game day etc to name a few. The images attached have a arrangement that has been individually designed and to be used as per space availability. An intergenerational event in this case becomes a contact zone but leaning towards a public space consumption approach. Invariably leading to reduced costs for conducting interactions and easily portable and assembled on site units makes this less cumbersome than the traditional methodologies.

A conceptual view of ongoing intergenerational activities outside of Dublin castle

We often hear about stepping outside ourselves, but rarely about stepping outside our generation.


Flexuous Forms

Manvi Pande /

2021 / Interior