Adaptive Reuse: New Proximities

2019 / Interior

Pratiksha Halagi

Project 1

Adaptive Reuse: New Proximities

This thesis project will be focusing on reusing a church building within the city in to a new typo1logy with respect to the interior development of the site, as they have high heritage and cultural value. Historic buildings help de ne the character of our communities by providing a tangible link with the past. Reviewing the design principles implemented in the past, this research identi es a knowledge gap pertaining to an absence of clear criteria for future adaptive reuse and the lack of consensus as how to maximise adaptive reuse potential.

It is about realising the importance value of these historic structures in contemporary times, also about justifying them by recreating their importance, it is all about breathing new life into these eroding structures. Maintaining the essence of the past and superimposing the new Interiors is the concept of the entire project. The focus is not to rebuild or reconstruct, but to preserve and enhance the existing elements and architecture.


Flexuous Forms

Manvi Pande /

2021 / Interior