2021 / Interior

Maria Leticia Rodriguez Chavez


Improve the way restaurants work with a biomimicry design – The Biowave Restaurant

Nowadays, the food industry follows a linear structural model, making the food system an insufficient and unsustainable method for the economy, the environment and the global society. For this reason, a necessity to create a project that counteract those problems was need it. Following the principles of biomimicry, which take inspiration for nature, develops the idea of a restaurant that aiming no only to be self-sufficient but also that invite the customer to re – connect with nature through food.

The Biowave restaurant follows the biomimicry level called “Ecosystem”, where the waste of one organism is the input of the next in a closed loop cycle. The restaurant will approach the latter cycle by growing herbs, fruit and vegetables inside the restaurant using a hydroponic system. Then the collected crops are will be use for the cooking of the food. Furthermore, the organic waste produced in the restaurant will be processed via a biogas plant to generate energy, as well as gas, energy and liquid fertilizer for use in the restaurant. Each element of the cycle feeds back into another, providing the various elements required by the restaurant. In this process, we are creating a circular economy (reducing, reusing and recycling), thereby changing the current linear system in which food service operates.

Biomimicry design implemented in food service - Entrance

Biomimicry design implemented in food service - Dining Area

" Biomimicry is ... the conscious emulation of life's genius" - Janine Benyus

Biomimicry design implemented in food service - Dining Area

"What if, every time I started to invent something, I asked, 'How would nature solve this?" Janine Benyus


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2021 / Interior