What do I need to apply for the MA Creative Arts?

1. Portfolio or Sample of writing

For studio pathways, you'll need a portfolio of your work. For the Visual & Critical Studies pathway, you'll need a sample of your writing.

The portfolio should give us an indication of the range of your skills and abilities. It should be presented as a PDF and should include text where necessary to explain concepts and briefs. The number of projects included is up to you, however, we would generally expect a portfolio to have circa 20 pages.

Applicants to the Visual & Critical Studies pathway should submit one or more examples of their writing. This could be a college essay, a piece of criticism, or something you've prepared specifically in relation to your Proposal.

2. Research Proposal

This is a one-page outline of your proposal for the MA major studio project or dissertation

The main focus of the MA will be on developing a research-led major project (for studio pathways) or a circa 20,000 word dissertation (for the Visual & Critical Studies pathway). The research proposal gives an outline of what you might like to focus upon in your major project or dissertation. This is just a proposal at this stage, but it should demonstrate that you have begun to think critically about an aspect of practice and started to do some research. The proposal is often a talking point during interviews.

3. CV

The CV or résumé helps us get a sense of your experience and your wider interests.

4. Additional documents

The application process requires that you submit various additional documents, depending on whether you are an EU or International applicant.

These including a scan of your passport and a transcript of your results. You may also need to submit evidence of English language ability. Further details are available by following the relevant pathway link on the Apply Now page.